Coming Autumn 2022
Introducing Jeff.City!

It’s Jeff-dot-City! NOT DOT-COM! Just Jeff-dot-City!


A FREE (possibly televised) dance party featuring seniors in and near Mill Creek, WA!

Jeff Noedel

I am an experienced producer of special events and television shows…and a senior myself.

Please join me for….

  • A FREE in-person dance parties for extroverted seniors (from very healthy to less healthy) — as long as you’re not shy!
  • Team-approach to monitoring for possible pre-cancerous skin lesions
  • The occasional noteworthy guest, interviewed by Jeff, about aging
  • No politics allowed! No discussions, no arguments, not even mention of politics allowed
  • Some meetings may be broadcast live on television or recorded for possible later broadcast*

*signed release required of all attendees

The first dance party has not yet been scheduled. Please contact me with your interest.